Press Here, Press

Don’t forget to make your press kit available online! The press doesn’t want to search through endless cutesy pages of stuff to find what they need. Everything in your press kit should be available on one page in your “press room,” ready to print or download.

Also, I’ve heard from a marketing presenter, the press room page of your website will consistently be the most trafficked part of your site. I’ll keep an eye on my sitemeter and see if that turns out to be true, but it makes sense. I always click on the link for the press, just because it makes me feel special. (Take that, press. I can see everything you can see.)

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#1 Lynda Hilburn on 03.11.07 at 8:40 pm

Dear Sonja: I love your blog. The name always makes me smile. I’ll check back often to see what great promo tips show up! I’m glad you and Karen are working together. Double the goodies!

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