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Trailers With XP

Kevin Lucia has written up a detailed article on how to do a book trailer using free software you already have if you’re running Windows XP.

He’s managed to simplify, even for those of us who don’t really “do” multimedia. Check out the article.

More On Online Book Tours

Author Sandy Lender has some great tips on getting your online book tour set up:

I put together a professional-looking group page on Yahoo where potential hosts of the Online Book Tour could download images, my bio, a short and long synopsis of the book, some FAQs (read: an already-prepared interview), two guest blog articles, a press release announcing what we were doing that they could send to their local newspapers if they wanted to get themselves local publicity (read: pump up their own promotion), and a blog announcement to post on their site to get folks aware that they were having an author stop by.

Read the article!

6 Free Marketing Techniques

Author Regina Paul shares 6 free marketing techniques that work. We like free stuff that works. My favorite tip from her article is to offer free reads on your website or your Yahoo group.

Read the article!