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Smart Bitches Web Design

Smart Bitch Sarah, of Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, has written a really helpful article on web design, with some ideas, tips, and examples I hadn’t seen before:

If the site is to promote an author, product product product front and center.

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Book Trailers with Power Point

My friend and fellow author Leigh Barbour has written a great article on how she made her book trailer using Power Point:

Now, when you’re satisfied with the way your trailer looks and sounds in PowerPoint slide show, most of the work is done. At this point you need to convert the .ppt format (PowerPoint) to video format.

I use a tool called PowerVideoMaker…. It has a free version that you can use or you can purchase it.

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Book Trailers for the Faint of Heart

I must admit that I’ve been putting off doing a book trailer. Why? Looking at all those darn instructions makes my head spin. So here are a few samples I’ve made from web-based software programs (all free, of course, because I’m totally cheap) and my comments on their usability:

One True Media
The website sure is pretty, but the quality of the final product kind of sucks. Check it out:

If you’ve never used a clip editing program before, there’s a bit of a learning curve. The help files are a little cryptic too, but the end product is worth the hassle:

Make a Free Flash Slideshow

More to come as I play around with slideshow editors…

If you’re completely at a loss, don’t forget to check out paid book trailer makers. Here’s a partial list:

Allie Boniface – $75 for the complete book trailer package, email Allie for details
Preview The Book

And here are some places where you can show your book trailer:

Preview The Book
Watch The Book

As always, please leave suggestions for other book trailer stuff in the comments.

Pro Web Design

My friend and fellow author Leigh Barbour has written a great article on website design:

Being a web designer and webeditor by trade, I am amazed at how many writers have websites that are so hard to read and navigate.

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Web Resources For Authors

Author Alexandra Sokoloff has put up a great article on web resources for authors. She includes links for writing communities, professional organizations, email loops, blogs, and links on how to set up your own website and blog.

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Promoting At Conferences

Erica Ridley has put together an article on self-promotion at conferences. With RWA National Conference coming up in a few short days, this is timely and helpful!

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