Book Trailers for the Faint of Heart

I must admit that I’ve been putting off doing a book trailer. Why? Looking at all those darn instructions makes my head spin. So here are a few samples I’ve made from web-based software programs (all free, of course, because I’m totally cheap) and my comments on their usability:

One True Media
The website sure is pretty, but the quality of the final product kind of sucks. Check it out:

If you’ve never used a clip editing program before, there’s a bit of a learning curve. The help files are a little cryptic too, but the end product is worth the hassle:

Make a Free Flash Slideshow

More to come as I play around with slideshow editors…

If you’re completely at a loss, don’t forget to check out paid book trailer makers. Here’s a partial list:

Allie Boniface – $75 for the complete book trailer package, email Allie for details
Preview The Book

And here are some places where you can show your book trailer:

Preview The Book
Watch The Book

As always, please leave suggestions for other book trailer stuff in the comments.


#1 Anonymous on 07.19.07 at 4:50 am

interesting post. I just finished writing a book and made my own book trailer. I wasn’t able to access your list of book trailer providers, but I have learned to really love creating these promotional videos! I’m reasonable too on the rates, I’ve heard horror stories of them costing thousands of dollars to make….

Check my trailer out:

Taryn Simpson

#2 mdwatt on 11.18.09 at 10:03 pm

This is a very informative website. As a book author, I have picked up a lot of insight on promoting by new book. Furthermore, you have a lot of links I can submit my book to.

Thank you

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