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Multiple Email Disorder

If you’re anything like me, you have several domain names, each with their own email address. How do you manage all that stuff, and how do you keep your identities separate?

I would suggest getting yourself a Gmail account. In my opinion, Gmail is the easiest way to manage multiple email addresses in one simple, web-based inbox.

Here’s a great post on how to get all of your emails consolidated into one Gmail inbox: Using Gmail as Your Universal Email Account

Done that? Good. Now we move on to the pretty stuff.

Unfortunately (because Gmail is awesome in so many other ways), Gmail’s default signature option is boring: plain text or plain text, you decide. So if you want your email signatures to have a little flare and you want a different signature for every address, consider installing Greasemonkey.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on, so unless you’re using the Firefox web browser (why wouldn’t you be?) it won’t work. Luckily, Firefox is free. Download Firefox.

Greasemonkey is really easy to install. Just go to the Greasemonkey website and click Install Now. Told ya.

Now that you have Greasemonkey installed, you have to install the Gmail HTML signature script. That sounds all technical, but it’s not. Just go to the Gmail HTML Signatures website and click Download/Install. It does everything for you.

Now you’re ready to go. Open Gmail, and compose a new message. The dropdown menu at the top will contain all your email addresses, and you’ll notice a new link to the right that says Create Signature. Click it and a blank box will pop up. Now put whatever HTML code you want in there and voila! Pretty signatures!

It does require a little bit of HTML knowledge, but only really basic easy stuff. For a quick and dirty primer, check out the HTML Cheat Sheet.

Pretty cool, huh? So go wild with your new efficiently done email. Have fun! Email is internet word-of-mouth and it’s one of the best marketing tools you have!