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Is Social Media Marketing Really That Hard?

By now, you’ve probably all seen this infographic from Buddy Media floating around on the interwebs:


(Click to embiggen.)

Your palms start to get a little sweaty, and then you realize you don’t know what 90% of this stuff even is. And then you panic and declare, “Holy mother of holiness, how will I ever manage my social media marketing all by myself?!” And then you realize that there’s no way this infographic is complete, because (OH GOD!) Pinterest isn’t even on here! Give me a paper bag to breathe into, quick!

Take a chill pill. Breathe. Do some yoga. Whatever. And then when you’ve managed to get your heart rate back down to a reasonable level, let’s talk.

Marketing is, and always will be, about reaching the specific group of people you want to reach. When you look at that giant selection of social media tools, it might make your stomach turn a little, but as you start looking closer, I think you’ll find that the people you really want to reach are concentrated in only a few of those platforms.

If you’re an author, maybe you want to focus on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads (which, by the way, isn’t on that infographic either– OH GOD!). If you’re an artist, it’s going to be a different set of platforms.

Furthermore, a lot of the things on that infographic are pieces of software meant to help you manage your social media networks– they’re not actually social networks themselves. You don’t need to know how to use TweetDeck, HootSuite, and Seesmic (eek! Seesmic isn’t on the infographic– OH GOD!). You just pick the one you like the best and use that one. Just because you have the choice of them doesn’t mean you should use all of them. You’d go nuts if you tried, and it would be in no way efficient.

So, let’s try not to panic, folks. Yes, there are many social networks and many ways to reach people, but this is, ultimately, a good thing. Play around. See where you have some engagement. And then focus on that and have fun. Don’t be skurred. It’s all going to be ok.