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Ad Banners For The Hoi Polloi

Some days, I just don’t want to mess with Photoshop. But what’s an author to do if (a) she’s too lazy to use Photoshop; or (b) she’s too poor to procure Photoshop and/or doesn’t have a programmer husband to procure Photoshop for her?

Design awesome banner  ads like this one FREE at AdDesigner.com

That’s right. She cheats. She uses a web-based banner designer like this one. Of course, then she has to put up with the FREE AD mess in the corner, but it’s a small price to pay, especially compared to the arm and leg you’ll have to give up in order to buy Photoshop.

Other banner generators:

Reader Bryn adds:

There’s a free competitor to Photoshop called GIMP. (It’s a little less user friendly but it gets the job done.) There are also online photo editors now like SplashUp, and Photoshop now has an online version. If you are wanting Photoshop, start with Photoshop Elements. It’s about 1/8th the cost of Photoshop.

Reader Marty points out:

Gickr.com will allow you to create those flash avatars, banners, etc. by uploading your own images (they need to be yours or public domain) and selecting one of the standard sizes.

And, of course, you could pay someone to design ads for you.

Have any other web-based ad banner creators you like? Any other freebie/cheapie ways to make ’em? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add your ideas here.

Ad Banner Photoshopping

If you’re not a graphic designer, I suggest making friends with one. Graphic designers are lovely people to know, and even lovlier people when they owe you favors, so be nice to them!

If you are a graphic designer or would like to try your hand at being one, I think having a really cool banner for all your forum posting is an awesome promotional tool. You can even use it to append to your email in your signature. Here’s a tutorial on how to make an animated banner with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady: Step by step guide to animate a banner which has been created in Adobe Photoshop

I made these in about an hour each:

If you’re not a graphic designer, but you still want a banner, try this.