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Your Elevator Pitch

I bet you thought that you only had to pitch your book before you sold it. Wrong! People are routinely going to ask you, “What’s your book about?” And you’re going to have to be able to tell them in roughly ten seconds. So practice your pitching, even after selling!

My favorite article on pitching is Virginia Kantra’s Guide to Perfect Pitch. She gives a great jumping off point for how to formulate the structure of your pitch. You can also use some of the stuff you did for your synopsis or blurb for your pitch.

I personally think that the most important part of pitching is practicing, which is a little hard to do by yourself. Sure, you can practice to your dog, but dogs don’t generally talk back. Editors and agents do! I had one pitch once where I had my whole schpeil memorized, but the agent kept interrupting to ask questions, and it threw me for a loop!

What are your best pitching tips and resources?

Promoting At Conferences

Erica Ridley has put together an article on self-promotion at conferences. With RWA National Conference coming up in a few short days, this is timely and helpful!

Read the article!