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Be Yourself… Unless You’re Rude or Something

I’ve been priveleged to be on a couple of podcast interviews in the recent past, one for Laura at 15SecondPitch and one for Stay Happily Married. (Check them out, if you feel so inclined!) Interviewing can be a little nerve-wracking, especially when you’re on live! So, here’s my advice if you’re up for a radio/podcast interview in the near future:

  • See if you can get the questions ahead of time. Most interviewers know the importance of planning great questions, so they’re planning ahead anyway, and won’t mind sending you over the outline.
  • Study! It’s not a test, but you have the questions, so you might as well come up with some responses. I always write mine out in paragraph form because I find that’s what works best for me, but you could do a bulleted list or whatever makes you most comfortable.
  • Don’t over study. It’s not a test, as I said. A lot of times, you won’t get the questions in the same order, and you may not even get the same questions. So have an idea of what you’ll say, but don’t be tied to your script.
  • Be yourself! If you’re a writer, you already know the importance of “voice,” that thing about your style and tone that is unique to you. Well, you have a conversational “voice,” too, so don’t lose that! Pretend you’re talking to a friend.
  • Um, but don’t be yourself if you’re rude or something. Most of the time, you’re at least hoping a lot of people will hear your interview, so don’t be a butt. But that’s pretty much good advice for life in general: don’t be a butt.