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6 Free Marketing Techniques

Author Regina Paul shares 6 free marketing techniques that work. We like free stuff that works. My favorite tip from her article is to offer free reads on your website or your Yahoo group.

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Quick Tip: Google Alerts

So you’ve ho’d yourself out to a bajillion review sites and are patiently waiting for your reviews to roll in. But did you know that the reviewer most likely will not tell you when they’ve reviewed your book? It’s true. So if you’re wanting to pimp your book with your glowing reviews, here’s the solution:

Google Alerts.

I recommend everyone set one up. It’s super easy. Just go to http://www.google.com/alerts, enter your info and boom, you’re ready to go. I put in search terms for my name as well as my book title and I get emails every time I’ve been mentioned anywhere on the web. Also, here’s a hint: If you want it to return just stuff with, say, Sonja Foust instead of everything with Sonja AND everything with Foust, put your search term in quotes. My search term would be “sonja foust” or “love in shadow” or both if I wanted to see only things that mention both my name and title.

Try it out. Stalking yourself is totally fun.