Book List

So, it’s the big day: Release day! Release day means that now people can start buying your baby. (Why do they call it “your baby” anyway? Would you sell your baby? Oh, sorry, sidetrack.) If you’re an eBook author, most likely, the easiest place to find your book is on your publisher’s website. I’m sure you’ve already posted links to your publisher’s website from your many places on the web. Be sure to keep those links updated as any link you put out there is an official reflection on you.

But now where else can you list your ebook? Here are some places, listed with Google page rank on the left:

8 Google Book Search (I realize that this one is controversial. Read the disclaimers and privacy policy carefully.)
6 AuthorsDen (requires login)
6 The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine – Offers writers one free notice about new releases in their free newsletter. Send three or four copy ready lines to
5 Books ‘n’ Bytes
5 Digital Fiction Links (requires linkback– note linkbacks inflate Google page rank)
5 eLibrary (requires linkback– note linkbacks inflate Google page rank)
5 Jogena’s (requires linkback– note linkbacks inflate Google page rank)
5 (requires login)
5 Wisdom ebooks
4 eBook Palace
4 The Literary Times
4 The Romance Studio (requires login)
3 Build Ebooks (requires login)
3 Ebooks Cafe
3 EbookSeller (submission guidelines in left column, requires 468×60 ad banner)
3 Realms of Love
3 Romance Excerpts Only Blog (You must already be a participating author of the Romance Excerpts Only Yahoo group.)
3 The Diva Bookshelf
2 Ebooks– New Releases and Contests (email to list new releases or contests)
2 Romantic Observer – Excerpts (requires login)
2 Romantic Observer – Promo (requires login)
0 (No new ebook submissions are being accepted during the upgarde period. Check back soon.)
0 Google Product Search
0 The Publishing Guild (requires login)

(I made a special effort only to link “free” listing sites, though some sites offer premium listings which cost extra, or require a linkback from your site.)

If you know of another place to list books, drop me a note in the Ho Bag and I’ll be sure to add them! Thanks!